St. John Berkumans L.P.School, Aloor

St. John Bercumans L.P.School
Aloor, 680 683, Kallettumkara P.O., Thrissur Dt; Kerala
Ph - 04802721323
Mob - 9496123316
Email -


St. Joseph’s English Medium H.S. Aloor


St. Joseph's English Medium H.S.S Aloor


St. Joseph's Public School (ICSE), Aloor

St. Joseph’s English Medium School, Aloor started in 1964 to impart English education in the rural area of Aloor Gramapanjayath and help the children both boys and girls to compete in the state, national, and international levels. It is run by the Holy Family sisters of CHF Pavanatma Province.

        1964 – SJC EMLPS and UPS started. 
        1983 – SJC EMHS started. 
        2002 – SJC EMHr.SS Started
        2005 – SJ Public School – ICSE Started 

Aloor, 680 683
Kallettumkara P.O.Thrissur Dt.
Phone : 04802786025 (St. Joseph's English Medium H.S)
             04802789875 (St. Joseph's Public School ICSE)

Email :


Holy Family Convent Matriculation School, Keelkatlai

Holy Family Convent Matriculation Higher Secondary School is run by the Holy Family sisters of CHF Pavanatma Province. The school was founded in the year 1990 and it is affiliated to the Matriculation board of Chennai. The school is a Co-educational school and it has classes from 1 to 12. Holy Family Convent Matriculation Higher Secondary School is located in No. 62, Gandhi Nagar, Medavakkam Main Road, Keelkattalai, Chennai, pincode-600117.

Holy Family Convent Matriculation Hr. Sec. School
Medavakkam Main road
Genesh Nagar, Keelkkatali P.O., Chennai - 600 117
Phone : 044 22473008 Mob : 09444971451
Email :


St. Mary’s Nursery. Kuzhikattussery


St. Mary's L.P. Schol. Kuzhikattussery


St. Mary's G.H.S. Kuzhikattussery


St. Mary's Higher Secondary School, Kuzhikattussery

St. Mary’s High School Kuzhikattussery is an organ of CHF Pavanatma Province, has been active in the educational scenario of Kerala in the last nine and half decades. This school focuses on the education of the rural, unprivileged people especially girls and this school is located in the suburban village Puthenchira of Thrissur District, Kerala State. Pincode - 680697 

        1918 – St. Mary’s LP School started. 
        1930– St. Mary’s UP School started. 
        1946 - St. Mary’s HS School started. 
        2000 – St. Mary’s Hr.S School started. 

Mariam Thressia Nagar
Kuzhikkattussery P.O., 680 697, Thrissur Dt.

Mob -   9446922428 (St. Mary's L.P.S.)
            09961836326 (St. Mary's G.H.S.S.) 
Phone: 0480 2787758 (St. Mary's G.H.S.)

Email: st.maryslps23512


Don Bosco G.H.S. Kodakara

The school St Don Bosco GHS Kodakara is located in the area Kodakara in Thrissur District of Kerala State is managed by CHF Pavanatma Province. It was established in the year 1948, has been active in the educational scenario of Kerala for more than half a century. This school focuses on the education of the rural, unprivileged people especially girls but co-education is given up to UP Class. 

        1948 – St. Don Bosco LP School started. 
        1948– St. Don Bosco UP School started. 
        1982 St. Don Bosco HS School started. 

Kodakara P.O., 680 684 Thrissur Dt.
Ph - 0480 2721510
Email -


Holy Family Convent High School, Pipliakumar, Indore

Holy Family Convent School is a Christian Co-ed Minority School belonging to the Congregation of Holy Family under the Catholic Diocese of Indore. In order to meet the increasing need of value-based quality education of the Indore city and to share the Holy Family Sisters' expertise in the field of education of the past 100 years in India and abroad, the CHF Pavanatma Province decided in March 2002 to open a Co-ed English Medium School in Indore which is to be affiliated to CBSE. Admission to Nursery started in January 2004. The school is situated near Choitram International School at Pipliya Kumar on Mayakhari Road, 3 kms from Bombay Hospital and 1 ½ kms from A.B Road, near Dewas Naka. 

Maykheri Road, Pipliyakumar
Vijayanagar P.O. Indore, M.P. - 452 010
Ph - 07312802801


St. Sebastian’s U.P.S. Thazekad

St Sebastians UPS Thazhekad, Mala, was establised In the year 1942. St Sebastians UPS Thazhekad is co-ducational. 

Thazhekkad, Kallettumkara P.O.
680 683, Thrissur Dt; Kerala
Ph - 0480 2883180
Mob - 9447407164


Holy Family L.P.School Avittathur

Avittathur P.O., 680 683, Thrissur Dt.
Mob - 9447653614


Holy Family L.P. School Puthenchira

Puthenchira P.O., Pin - 680 682, Thrissur Dt. Kerala
Ph: 0480 2892170
Mob: 9605042440


S.H.C.L.P.School Thumboor

Thumboor P.O., 680 692, Thrissur Dt.
Ph - 0480 2786462
Mob - 9446982060


F.X.L.P. School, Xaviyur

Xaviyur, KombathumkadavuP.O., 680 682, Thrissur Dt
Ph - 0480 2893374
Mob - 9495105374